Top restaurant in guangdong

Yayuan Restaurant

Yayuan restaurant is located at No. 14 Chaotian Road, Guangzhou. There is no parking space. The road is in front of the restaurant. For more than 30 years, the Nga Court can be regarded as a real rich restaurant, with a small quantity, but each dish is six or seventy. But if the friends in the field are invited to eat only a Cantonese restaurant, they will recommend it here, because the essence of the Cantonese cuisine is concentrated here, and every dish is fierce enough to afford the price. Yayuan is an old private Cantonese restaurant in Guangzhou. Although the shops are ordinary, the dishes taste amazing. Even if the price is a little expensive, it still attracts an endless stream of diners throughout the year, and is affectionately known as "Regal dining hall".

Ming Pavilion

As Langham Hotel, which is famous for its modern fashion and luxury style, Mingge Chinese restaurant is one of its signature catering services. Mingge Chinese restaurant, located in Mongkok, Hong Kong, has been awarded the "Michelin Guide to Hong Kong and Macao" for seven consecutive years.

Good wine, good CAI

Haojiu Haocai, which was launched in 2005, is a high-end cuisine brand under Haojiu Haocai catering Co., Ltd. with a new style of Chaoshan cuisine with a fusion of Chinese and Western styles. In 2019, in the "2019 Black Pearl Restaurant Guide", Guangzhou"s "good wine and good Cai" restaurant won two diamonds, and Hong Kong"s "good wine and good Cai" restaurant won the third diamond. "Good wine and good Cai" has become one of the most recognized restaurants by diners, and is also praised by many gourmets as "one of the restaurants that must experience life". At the same time, Beijing"s "good wine and good Cai" are also bringing surprises to the catering industry in Beijing!

Beiyuan Restaurant

In 1988, in the second national cooking competition, Beiyuan"s "Yuye Qiong Cup" won the gold medal, and the dim sum "lotus paste thousand layer crisp" and "Cherry Phoenix Nest" won silver and bronze medals respectively. In 1997, "fried spring rolls with shredded chicken" and "Yuye barbecued bun" produced by Beiyuan restaurant were recognized as the first "Chinese famous snack" by China Cuisine Association.

Shahe Fancun Restaurant

Do you remember the documentary "China on the tip of the tongue" describes the civilian food Shahe powder? Shahefen, originated in Shahe area of Tianhe District, is now a provincial intangible cultural heritage. Unfortunately, Shahe no longer produces Shahe powder. Shahe Hotel, which is famous for making traditional Shahe flour, closed down 12 years ago. Now, the third generation inheritor and production team of authentic Shahe flour are not Shahe people. The restaurant that inherits the production skills of Shahe powder in Shahe hotel is Shahe Fen Village restaurant at the foot of Baiyun Mountain. Here, shahefen "live" well.

Nanyuan Restaurant

Founded in 1963, Nanyuan restaurant is located at 142 Qianjin Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou. It is a restaurant with Chaozhou cuisine as its characteristics. It is one of the 12 "national platinum and five diamond grade restaurants" in China. It is also known as "three garden restaurants in Guangzhou" together with Panxi restaurant and Beiyuan restaurant. Nanyuan restaurant is close to Xiaogang park. It is called Nanyuan restaurant because it is in the south of Guangzhou. The interior of the restaurant is a typical Lingnan Garden Style, with small bridges and flowing water, pavilions, and colorful glass. The dishes are never disappointing. Both Cantonese food and refreshments taste good. The local people like to hold wedding parties here.

Huangpu Huayuan Restaurant

It was founded by "tushengyuan" in 1985. From the moment it was founded, "Huayuan" under the leadership of the decision-maker Qin Jianhong, walked out of an unconventional business road. As an "ice room", it is not "safe". In summer, it sells homemade popsicles, but in winter, it runs a large stall. It is the first to build its own restaurant. "Huayuan" not only produces excellent products, but also becomes the first top-level KTV restaurant in Huangpu. Later, he set up a branch store on Tianhe East Road in the center of Guangzhou. Huayuan knew how to use the food materials in Huangpu area to create a famous banquet in Huangpu. Later, it set up a food factory, set up a catering group, and built a food processing industry.

BingSheng Private Kitchen

Michelin reviewers evaluated: "The restaurant Lingnan element as a design theme, old west off deliberately creating a large dining feel, decorated with different portraits and flowers, full of style dishes, pay attention to the selection of high-quality green and seasonal ingredients, especially the stew. brewed with spring water. signature dishes include black pepper fried Boston lobster, crab stew Doumen zucchini black hair, and the owners also love to eat fried rice noodles street. Group of Commissioners sent a weekly food tasting new dishes too tasting by the proprietor of employees was launched to ensure the level recommended for two to three days advance reservation. "

Wisca (HaiZhu)

Michelin reviewers evaluated: "The restaurant started by the shop, so in terms of price and taste remain close to the people; it is also maintained a consistent level of taste, depends mostly old chef and kitchen staff team uphold the ancient techniques, is fresh the traditional flavors from generation to generation. Gel Gel series to store known for more than four hours Guangdong stew soup every day is also a must try, Gel Gel eel pot is loved by guests. dining room set up multiple boxes, and reservations are recommended . "

Jade River

Michelin reviewers evaluated: "Restaurant design with Chinese antiquity, imitation courtyard design and casual separates box seat, dark carved wood decoration, together with the whole wooden furniture, hanging bird cage on more Chinese tile roof, very elegant; and interior color stained glass window is a long history and has been discontinued handmade glass, even more old-fashioned restaurant must-try dishes are fresh every morning to the Fu sunflower garden sunflower white cut chicken, and two chefs Fu jointly developed lemongrass stir pigeon, white brine can not be missed. "

Famous Cuisine

Peninsula Restaurant Group Investment Management in Guangzhou peninsula Landmark Restaurant, a brand Cantonese Restaurant, China Mayors Plaza is located in the second and third floors, located in the bustling business days Hebei circle, is one of the landmark buildings in the area. Restaurant decor full fashion design, avant-garde and elegant, noble gorgeous banquet hall, banqueting hall and comfortable grace has a modern computer lighting system, creating a colorful atmosphere, which can accommodate 200 people, is your business dinner, wedding, an ideal venue for gatherings of family and friends. Because Bibendum selection criteria is 200 yuan per capita or less, so it became the most cost-effective Guangzhou Michelin restaurant.

Zhuxi Restaurant

Zhuxi Restaurant Group was founded in 2003, began to increase by the South Fangcun first "Zhuxi Restaurant", has experienced 16 years of development to today's 22 stores, so that "Zhuxi" word enjoy a high reputation in Hong Kong and Macao. In particular goose, so many overseas Chinese around the world often returned to Guangzhou, all will come to the store with a tasting continued gradually become iconic produced "food in Guangzhou"; and Zhuxi first chicken, but in the last year "100 chicken feast "won the top three.

 Lei Garden

Lei Garden Restaurant Group was founded in 1973, originally as a traditional Cantonese restaurant, fine dining development has become internationally renowned, brought together multinational and local cuisine. Group is now all over the world has a total of 24 stores throughout Hong Kong, Macau, China and Singapore and other countries and regions, as many as 2,500 employees. Lei Garden was founded, has been with excellent food and service quality, the industry has a "diet Shaolin Temple" and "celebrity canteen" reputation. Lei Garden has always been to the interests of the guests first, by the choice of materials to the process of cooking skills are very thought, with enthusiasm attentive service, be sure to make guests feel value for money, satisfaction. Therefore, Li Yuan Group has won numerous awards and honors, can be described as deserved.

BingSheng Mansion

Michelin reviewers evaluated: "the general environment of the hustle and bustle of a nuisance may wish to Cantonese restaurant with European style design, set up more than thirty rooms between the restaurant"s main dining hall Bingsheng Gong flavor, fresh fine Cantonese cuisine, chef master clock?. guests on a regular basis to develop new dishes, proud of the work includes cold tripe, limited fifteen lychee chicken every day, and secret fat greasy black pork and so on. two loving cup may wish to brunch City visit, be creative dessert tasted friendly price, there are nearly extinct handmade refreshments. "

Pan River Restaurant

Panxi restaurant was founded in 1947. Li Wenlun, the founder of Panxi restaurant, founded a small restaurant full of rural customs in the beautiful ancient flower shop. At that time, there were several streams nearby, one of which was called Panxi, so the small restaurant named Panxi. Panxi restaurant is the largest Lingnan Garden Restaurant in Guangzhou. Its buildings are composed of pavilions, platforms, buildings and pavilions. Its decoration style has a very strong Lingnan style. The elegant decoration of the private rooms is a good place for reception and parties. It is the so-called tasting Panxi food, enjoying the customs of Xiguan and enjoying the fairyland of the world.

Dongguan Hotel

Dongguan Hotel is a 4-star tourism hotel with ISO9001:2008 international quality accreditation certificate. It is a combination of the classical and modern style garden, and has been honored “the oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle city”. Began operation on 22 January 1984,convering an area of 24,000 square meters, Dongguan Hotel is a landmark hotel in Dongguan city with a long history .It has received lots of guests and government heads from home and abroad. The hotel owns luxuriously decorated and well equipped guest rooms, characteristic Chinese and Western restaurants, triumphal-palace exhibition hall, swimming pool, golf driving range, tennis court, video room, large parking lot, etc. All the staffs of the hotel are professional and meticulous willing to offer comprehensive, high quality and effective services. Dongguan Hotel is an ideal home for successful business man and tourists.


Overseas Chinese Hotel

Huaqiao Hotel is located in the center of Dapu County, with convenient transportation, comfortable environment and large parking lot. The hotel is a comprehensive tourism hotel integrating catering, accommodation, entertainment and fitness.

New Dongcheng Restaurant

Located in Humen, a famous modern town, xindongcheng restaurant in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province is mainly engaged in Cantonese cuisine catering, tea art promotion and cantonese moon cake making. It always adheres to the business philosophy of "pursuing excellent products, demanding considerate service and creating first-class brand". Delicacy delicacy in Guangdong cuisine is sought to meet the needs of the vast majority of guests and constantly innovate. Dongcheng restaurant successfully co sponsored the first food festival in Humen. The "Tian Ji delicacy" created by the company was praised by the ten famous dishes. In Dongguan food festival, the secret "Yipin pumpkin Cup" won the "top ten Dongguan dishes" award, and the original "crab shark fin dumpling" won the "top 10 famous dishes" award in Dongguan.

Ocean World Restaurant

Ocean World Restaurant is located at No.1, North Haibin Avenue, Zhanjiang Development Zone. It has won the title of "famous Chinese restaurant", "top ten famous food stores in Zhanjiang" and "grade a unit of food hygiene reputation". Ocean World Restaurant is a restaurant which produces Zhanjiang"s local specialties and seafood. Seafood cooking is mainly light, highlighting the taste of seafood itself. Although the cooking techniques of fish, shrimp and shellfish are not exquisite, the freshness and sweetness of seafood are absolutely authentic. It"s delicious to eat seafood here. It"s fresh and delicious. In addition to the original light methods, such as steamed sand worm with vermicelli, steamed chicken with water, etc., which are fresh, sweet, tender and smooth, there are also various color choices suitable for slightly heavier taste. Whether it is baked or baked, it is full of color, fragrance and flavor, which is enough to stimulate your appetite.

Yutang Mansion

Yutangfu Hotel Management Co., Ltd. is a diversified group company. Its catering brands such as "feinufang pigeon house", "baomanlou", "Haijing fishing village" and "sea coral theme restaurant" are well-known in Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province.

Golden splendor Hotel

In 2009, golden splendor hotel was rated as a famous Chinese restaurant, a famous Cantonese restaurant and a gourmet paradise brand representative shop. In April 2015, the production technology of Jiaolou zongzi and moon cake (pig cage cake) in Jinhuang hotel was awarded the municipal intangible cultural heritage of Zhanjiang City, and in November of the same year, the production technology of Jiaolou zongzi was awarded the provincial intangible cultural heritage.

Xinlufeng Restaurant

Xinlufeng restaurant is a high-grade large restaurant mainly engaged in professional catering, originated from Lufeng seafood restaurant. Lufeng seafood restaurant was established in 1994. Since its opening, it is famous for its high quality, fresh and unique production methods, keeping the original flavor of seafood. Xinlufeng restaurant, with its garden style architectural style and novel and luxurious style, brings customers new feelings, comfortable and comfortable environment, indulges in various Zhanjiang cuisine styles, and undertakes various banquets, which always brightens the customers" eyes in theme. To maintain the consistent innovative concept of Zhanjiang cuisine, and constantly create a new level of taste in the raw material collocation.

Jiaquan Qifu Restaurant

The predecessor of Jiaquan Qifu restaurant is the famous "Fulinmen". The restaurant is designed in favor of traditional high-end Cantonese restaurants, with gold as the main theme and dark color ornaments interspersed with beige soft clothes. The overall atmosphere is simple and atmospheric, luxurious but not luxurious. The restaurant pays attention to the selection of food materials, delicacies from all over the world, and seasonal food materials are strictly selected. For example, Qifu"s Dried abalones are all selected by Mr. Xu Weijun, the son of the founder of Mr. Xu Fuquan, who has more than 50 years of experience, and only the dried abalone produced in Aomori Prefecture of Japan is selected. The dried abalone produced here is uniform in size, thick in flesh, clean in surface and hard in body, which is the best among abalones. Similarly, the glue is also selected by Mr. Xu Weijun himself to ensure high quality.

Deli private kitchen · de Shu abalone

Deli private kitchen is a branch of the brand "de Shu abalone" in Guangzhou, which started in 1988. "De Shu", the founder of abalone, is not good at famous cars and wine. He only likes food. He has a paranoid understanding of food and drink. There are only nine private kitchens in Deli. They are named "private kitchens" because they hope to provide special treatment like ancient private kitchens to every diner in private kitchens.

Sky garden, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Guangzhou

The penthouse of Guangzhou Grand Hyatt Hotel is designed by super potato, an internationally renowned interior design company. The restaurant is located on the top two floors of the South Tower of the twin towers, with a pleasant view of the Pearl River and Huacheng square. When you enter the restaurant, the green bamboo forest grows out of the ground, and the original stone surrounds the surrounding area, and the natural garden atmosphere comes to you. Thus comes the elegant name of "sky garden".

Huachengyuan Guangfu cuisine

In a blink of an eye, huachengyuan has been relocated to the 5th floor of Grand Mercure Huaxuan hotel in Zhujiang New City, and its name has been changed to huachengyuan Guangfu cuisine.

Park Hyatt Hotel Guangzhou · yuejingxuan

If you look at the vast world, you can not only enjoy delicious food in the high-end fantasy, but also enjoy the beautiful scenery of Guangzhou. The spacious open kitchen runs through the whole dining room. You can clearly see the hands of the chef, the spray of the fire and the diffusion of aroma, which is like a food evolution theory.

Chaoshan cuisine restaurant

Chaoshan flavor sea cooking restaurant is the shop of the gourmet Mr. Zhang Xinmin. He has a deep research on Chaoshan cuisine, especially in the aspect of innovation. According to the legend of the rivers and lakes, the highest point to eat Chaoshan cuisine in Shantou is the sea cooking restaurant of famous Chaoshan gourmet Zhang Xinmin. The name of chaocai Research Institute is like thunder. In the pursuit of Chaoshan cuisine, cooking sea is dedicated to diners, no matter in terms of material selection, cooking skills, food material collocation and environment. What makes people feel more comfortable is that all dishes cooked in the sea are served in the order of the menu, drawing on the practice of high-end Western food.

Jianye Restaurant

Since its establishment in 1994, Jianye restaurant has maintained its unique Chaoshan elegant and simple cooking culture. Over the past 20 years, the essence of Chaozhou cuisine has been passed down by master Ji Ruixi, the "new generation leader of Chaozhou cuisine", and has formed a unique "Jianye chaocai" style. It has the reputation of "taste in Chaoshan, product in Jianye". Cai Lan"s "the restaurant you must go to in life" contains a chapter about Jianye restaurant.

Donghai Restaurant

Shantou Donghai restaurant is a legendary old restaurant, engraved with the unique flavor of the operator. Zhong Chengquan, who has been in Donghai restaurant for 40 years and has been running Donghai restaurant for 30 years, is one of the legendary figures in Chaozhou cuisine circle. He has customized the dishes of Donghai restaurant by himself. From high-end Chaozhou dishes to Cucurbita pepo leaves or shredded bamboo shoots, the control of details shows the skill of Donghai restaurant. You can"t go to Shantou without going to Donghai restaurant. This East China Sea restaurant has nothing to do with other restaurants of the same name in Guangdong. It looks low-key and looks like a guest house. If you want to eat Chaoshan completely, you can"t miss it here.

Jiayuan Hotel

The top private restaurants in Shenzhen have high-end environmental decoration, top-grade ingredients, novel dishes and exquisite dishes! I was drunk before I started eating. Every dish of private house dinner is accompanied by a wine taster"s carefully selected wine, including the world"s best champagne, five famous French wines, Scotch whisky and Japanese sake. Each wine leads each dish and points directly to the taste buds, which is unforgettable and memorable.

Four seasons hotel in Shenzhen

Ding Weiyun, executive chef of Chinese restaurant from Hong Kong, has more than 30 years of experience in the management of Cantonese cuisine. He strives for high quality in every link from the selection of raw materials to the cooking of dishes, showing the essence of Cantonese cuisine with profound cultural heritage.

Yuejing Restaurant

The periphery of yuejing restaurant is really ordinary, just like a passer-by, but a spiral staircase turns up to the second floor. The parquet floor with milky white and light brown color is matched with the wood Fraxinus and French wood grain stone wall. The color is bright and elegant, and the sofa is warm and simple. It has been praised by many netizens as "quasi Michelin standard Cantonese cuisine", with first-class dishes, and is also a favorite gathering place for many local diners.

Donghai Seafood Restaurant

Donghai seafood restaurant, located in Leliu Town, Shunde, has been famous for cooking River fresh food, traditional food and Shunde stir fry for more than ten years. Under the guidance of the idea of "continuous improvement and improvement", its staff have successively created famous dishes such as "fried fish", "hometown water snake soup", "fried water snake slices". Founded by famous chef Tan Yongqiang, famous Cantonese restaurant at home and abroad. Roast goose, soft heart abalone, chrysanthemum water snake soup, a classic dish taste almost impeccable.

Fish restaurant

Shunde fish raw food is very interesting. There are more than ten kinds of side dishes and condiments. You can freely match different tastes, like playing experimental games. Instead of the tradition of soy sauce with raw fish, fish restaurant is searching for more than 100 kinds of salt collocation from all over the world, which is novel and delicious. The chef is full of creative ideas, turning all parts of the fish into wonderful and delicious dishes. The unique egg tart with shredded lime fish sausage has no fishy smell at all, and the taste is rich and rich.