guangdong specialty

Pingyuan navel Orange

"The navel orange is long and flat, bathing in the clouds. The roots are nature, sweet and moist." This is a portrayal of the production environment and quality of Pingyuan navel orange. Pingyuan navel orange is of high quality, nutrient-rich, tender and tender, with unique flavor. It contains a lot of vitamin C and carotene. It is often used to reduce cholesterol, prevent cancer and fight cancer, and prolong life. It is an excellent health-care nutritious green food.

Duan Inkstone

Duanyi is the first of the "Four Famous Chinese Monks". It is famous for its compact, delicate and delicate, gentle and jade-like stone, unique and colorful stone patterns and exquisite carving art. And it has a soft and just like the skin of a child, the silence of the silence is silent, and the water storage is not awkward, the air is inked, the hair is not damaged, and the ink is fast. Zhang Jiucheng, a famous poet of the Song Dynasty, praised the poem: "The end of the ancient ridge is strange, and the purple flower is half-small."

Zengcheng Simiao Rice

"Silkling" is a special rice variety in Zengcheng. Silk seedlings are slender, without belly, white, transparent and crystal. Silky rice is soft and hard, delicious and fragrant. It is known as "the jasper in the rice" and "the best in the rice".

Maba Oil sticky Rice

Maba oil sticky rice is a famous specialty in Qujiang County. It was used as a “Gongmi” in the feudal society. Its rice is slender, crystal clear and white, smooth and soft, and the teeth and cheeks are fragrant after meals. Maba oil sticky rice is excellent, the casserole risotto is overflowing, the rice noodles are shiny, and the rice grains are placed on the paper with oil traces, so it is called oil sticky, because its origin is in Qujiang Maba. The name is "Maba oil sticky".

Lianjiang Red Orange

Lianjiang red orange fruit is large (single fruit weight is about 150 grams), fruit shape is good, meat color is orange red, tender and smooth, juice slag, sweet and sour, sweet and sweet, and popular, so it is listed as a national banquet.

Yunan seedless yellow Leather

The Yunan people have a long history of planting yellow skin, and it is auspicious to plant yellow-skin trees. The seedless yellow-skin tree was discovered during the fruit census of Guangdong Province in 1960. It was found to have a tree age of more than 100 years. According to the article, the two non-nuclear yellow-skinned mother trees were Mr. Zeng Naiqi’s house for his house, and two ordinary yellow skins were selected to be transformed into non-nuclear yellow skin in their “dry garden”. The skin has deep feelings.

Heyuan Rice Noodles

Heyuan rice noodles are flexible and flexible, boiled without boiling soup, dry and fry are not easy to break, with a variety of vegetable or soup ingredients for soup cooking or dry fry, smooth and delicious, deeply influenced by consumers (especially southern consumers)

Liusha Nanzhu

Leizhou has been rich in pearls since ancient times. "Lingnan sees the record" records: "The rumor is thunder and pregnant, looking at the moon and the tires." Liusha Nanzhu is famous at home and abroad. Its roundness is dignified and crystal clear, which is favored by the domestic and international jewelry circles. Therefore, it is said that “Dongzhu is not as good as Xizhu, and Xizhu is not as good as Nanzhu”.

Yugonglou Pineapple

Yugonglou pineapple was named after the earliest introduction of Yugonglou Village in Qujie Town, the county. The pineapple (one of the pineapple varieties) produced in the county is very famous for its fragrance, crispness and sweetness. The American related history books also listed "Yugonglou Pineapple" as the world famous fruit. In the 1970s, local production The pineapple was also airlifted to Beijing to entertain foreign guests.

Tandou mango

The mango is rich in aroma, juicy, fruity and beautiful in appearance. It is named after the main production in the town of Leidou in Leizhou City, Guangdong Province. Because mangoes are the essence of tropical fruits, the people call it "the king of tropical fruits."

Putian Bamboo Shoots

Putian bamboo shoots are named after the main production in Putian Town, Jiedong County. The unique variety of bamboo shoots in Putian is a rare edible bamboo shoot variety in China. It has the reputation of “Lingnan Shanzhen” and has the characteristics of short plant, low branching, dense leaves, high leaf volume and high yield.

Puning tankan

Puning banana mandarin, special product in Puning City, Guangdong Province. Due to its superior ecological conditions, Puning banana mandarin fruit is large in appearance, straight in appearance, fruity orange red and bright, fleshy soft slag, non-nuclear, high in sugar and acid, rich in flavor, excellent in quality, easy to peel, easy to split, easy to eat The excellent variety of hygiene, known as the "Queen of Citrus", is well-known at home and abroad and is very popular among consumers and farmers.

Lu He Green Plum

The green plum of Luhe specialty is also called plum and sour plum. It belongs to one of the fruit trees of Rosaceae. It is native to China and is a subtropical specialty fruit in China. The varieties mainly include green bamboo plum, white powder plum, and yellow plum. Its flesh is crispy, mellow and sweet.

Cheng Cun Oyster

Chengcunyu belongs to Yangxitun, and there are more than ten places in Chengxi Village, Xitou, Confucianism, Shaying, Weaving, etc., which are most famous in the village of Chengcun. Cheng Cunyi's characteristics are large, sweet and fresh. It is significantly different from the cockroaches produced elsewhere. Chengcun Market is at the mouth of the Fengtou River and the Zhihe River.

Qingxin iced Orange

Iced sugar orange, special citrus in Qingxin County, Guangdong Province. The fruit is sweet, tender, juicy, slag-free, non-nuclear and less nuclear. After eating, the cheeks are fragrant, and the aftertaste is endless and famous. It is sold at home and abroad.

Yunan seedless sand sugar Orange

The four characteristics of Yunan non-nuclear sand sugar orange are: 1) the color of the book and the bright color, the gloss is brighter; the second is the high nuclear rate and the edible rate, among which the non-nuclear rate has reached 100% in many times this year; It is a multi-chemical slag of pulp juice, which has a good taste; the fourth is high solid-acid ratio, the taste is particularly sweet, and the orange flavor is rich, which is the best in sand sugar orange.

Luoding cinnamon

Luoding cinnamon is also known as "Xijiang Gui". Its products include cinnamon, cassia oil, cassia twig, Guizong and Guiding. Cinnamon is a treasure and is widely used. Cinnamon is a valuable Chinese herbal medicine. Guiyou is an important raw material for the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, and the chemical industry. It is one of the important raw materials for beverages such as Coca-Cola.

Qiongzhong Green Orange

The green orange peel in Qiongzhong is green, the meat is red, the skin is thin and juicy, the sweet and sour is moderate, and the slag rate is high. Compared with ordinary oranges, the fiber is finer and has a better taste. Rich in pectin, multivitamins, protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins B1, B2, C and other nutrients, especially high in vitamin C, rich in organic acids and flavonoids, volatile oil, orange Skin sputum, etc., are very helpful in promoting metabolism and enhancing the body's resistance.

Shuidong mustard

Shuidong mustard is a special product of Dianbai County in Guangdong Province. It is named after the area surrounding Pengcun in Shuidong Town of the county. It is also called “Pengcun Mustard”. Due to its special varieties and geographical and climatic conditions, Shuidong mustard has the characteristics of crispy and delicious, tender and slag-free, sweet and delicious, and small in production. It is very popular in the market and belongs to high-grade vegetables. It is in the domestic and international markets of China. Have a good reputation.

Huilai Litchi

Jieyang Huilai lychee protects products for geographical indications. The scope of production is the administrative area under the jurisdiction of Huilai County, Jieyang City, Guangdong Province. Huilai County is the largest litchi production area in eastern Guangdong. The main varieties are March Red, Shuidong, Zizixiao, Guiwei, glutinous rice, black leaves and Huaizhi.

Xiniu Bamboo leaf

The western buffalo leaves are the leaves of the light bamboo (bamboo) of the gramineous plant. Produced in Yingde City, Guangdong Province, it is a famous product of Guangdong Province and belongs to the national geographical indication protection products. The leaves are thick, green, rich in chlorophyll and vitamins, and have a unique fragrance. They are ideal for eucalyptus or wrapped food.

Liannan Yao Camellia Oil

Liannan Yaoshan tea oil is a national geographical indication product. It not only has a sweet and sweet taste, but also has no bitter taste. It also has anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, de-plaque, anti-shock, and high blood fat. Deeply loved by consumers, everyone who goes to Liannan loves to buy Liannan Yaoshan tea oil for gifts to relatives and friends.

Lianzhou serrate rabdosia herb

Lianzhou Xihuangcao is a very high-quality Chinese herbal medicine product with distinctive characteristics. It has the effects of clearing away heat and dampness, cooling blood and dispersing phlegm, and has peculiar curative effect on prevention and treatment of acute hepatitis and acute cholecystitis.

Xingzi onion

Xingzi Shallot is a famous specialty of Xingzi Town, Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province. It has the characteristics of large grain, bright color (skin red), fresh and spicy, and rich in flavor. It has the functions of digestion, detoxification, removing mites and promoting appetite, making it a The seasonings on the table are well known.

Qingyuan Black Bristle Goose

Black-skinned goose, its meat is delicious, its body is firm, its shape is moderate, its bones are small, tender and juicy. The purebred black goose goose of Qingyuan specialty is listed as one of the four famous goose species in Guangdong Province.

Xu Wen Goat

Xu Wen goat, also known as Xu Wendong goat, Xu Wen sheep, Leizhou goat. It is one of the fine varieties that adapt to the high temperature and humid climate. The meat is delicious and nutritious. It has already entered the market of Hong Kong and other places as early as the beginning of the 20th century. It is loved by Hong Kong diners and is famous in the name of “Xu Wenfei Yang”.

Longmen Orange

The history of planting oranges in Longmen County has been more than 100 years. The unique climate, fertile soil and good ecological environment have produced a pollution-free, pesticide-free "Longmen Orange" with its orange-red bright color and smooth The peel, moderate sweetness and acidity, and the maturity of maturity - during the Spring Festival, have been well-known both at home and abroad since the 1980s.

Huangpu cured meat

Huang Qi Lawei, as a representative of the traditional cuisine of the Chinese nation, is a gift from Heaven to the people. Its color is bright red and bright, with agate-like brilliance. The fat meat is more delicate and sleek, and looks like a beautiful jade. Looking at this art-like food, it is only a sneak peek. Gently put it in the mouth, the meat is fat but not greasy, the mouth is sweet and soft, and it is served with crispy lean meat. It is sweet and salty, and the mellow taste is chewed into the mouth with the teeth. This is delicious. It’s just unforgettable.

Zhanjiang sisal fiber

Sisal fiber, also known as sisal, has the characteristics of long fiber, white color, tough texture, elasticity, strong pulling force and wear resistance. It can produce friction, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and slip resistance. A variety of quality, can be made into yarn, rope, polishing wheel, carpet, batt, sisal wallpaper, wire rope core, banknotes and handicrafts and other sisal products, and is widely used in fisheries, navigation, mining, transportation, oil and other industries

Xu Wenliang Ginger

Xu Wenliang is produced in Xuwen County, Guangdong Province. It is a traditional Chinese traditional Chinese herbal medicine with warming, dispelling cold, digestion and pain relief. Xuwen County, Guangdong Province is the origin of Chinese ginger production and has a long history of planting.

Yingde Strong

Yingshi, a national geographical indication protection product, also known as Yingdeshi, is produced in Yingde City, Guangdong Province. Since the Qing Dynasty, Yingshi has been listed as one of the four famous stone gardens in the country (Bingshi, Taihu Stone, Lingbi Stone, Yellow Wax).

Heshui Pachyrhizua angulatus

Heshui powder Ge is the most characteristic traditional product of Foshan, Guangdong. It originated from the local wild Ge, and was first planted in the early Ming Dynasty. It has a long history.

Dongpo cured meat

Dongpu Lawei, National Geographical Indications Protection Products. Produced in Dongpu Town, Lianzhou City, Guangdong Province, it has a long history of more than 300 years and is named after Dongpu Town. The eastern glutinous rice flavor includes four main varieties of bacon, sausage, duck and wax dog. It is a process of processing fresh raw livestock through selection, pickling and air drying. The process is characterized by the use of local natural conditions for air drying, without baking or smoking, without the addition of nitrite and preservatives, with the characteristics of rich, fragrant and refreshing, long aftertaste.

Pummelo peel

Orange red has the unique effects of high active ingredients, cough and phlegm. In addition to its own pharmaceutical ingredients and unique climatic conditions, the predecessors also believe that it is mainly caused by the soil quality of some areas of Huazhou City. Therefore, the state records: “The Baoshan and the Department within the Huazhou City There are meteorites and soils. "The ochre can be turned into sputum, and the orange is red and the scorpion gas is so strong that the phlegm is better." Therefore, the quality of the orange red is stronger than any orange of different real estate.

Yingde Black Tea

Since the advent of Yingde Black Tea, it has been characterized by its well-balanced appearance, black and ruddy color, bright red color, rich aroma and so on. It is also known as the three major black teas in China with Yunnan Blush and Anhui Blush. Yinghong No.9 is the best in Yingde black tea. It is a high-flavored black tea variety selected and cultivated by the tea research institute of Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The quality of black tea processed with its fresh leaves is superior. It is mellow and sweet, and has a long-lasting fragrance. It is considered by the tea industry to be the best black tea variety in China and the world.

Meizhou Golden Pomelo

In 1992, Meizhou officially established the trade name of Shatian Pomelo as “Meizhou Golden Pomelo”. The establishment of the "Meizhou Golden Pomelo" brand name is based on two reasons. First, the color of Shatian pomelo is golden when ripe, and the contiguous Shatian pomelo base is like Jinshan. Second, the fruit grapefruit has good benefits. At that time, many farmers cultivated mountain species. The pomelo made a fortune and built a new house. "The family planted a hundred pomelo, just like opening a vault" became the mantra of the masses. Shatian pomelo naturally became the "golden grapefruit" in the minds of farmers.

Xinhui Mandarin Orange

Xinhui Mandarin, also known as Xinhuiguang Chengan or Chenpigan, Xinhui Dahonggan (scientific name tea branch mandarin). The combination of flesh and meat, homologous medicine and food is an excellent variety selected from the citrus genus of red citrus in the long history of the species. Its unique quality, popular in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and is listed as a "tribute", tribute every year.

Nanshan Litchi

Nanshan Litchi is a geographical indication protection product produced in Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. As early as the Tang and Song Dynasties, it was a “tribute” for the contribution. The main planting varieties are glutinous rice bran, cinnamon, and scorpion laugh. Nanshan Litchi has the characteristics of soft, smooth, juicy, sweet and sweet.

Xinhui Chenpi

Xinhui, the reason why it can be called a historical and cultural city, is inseparable from the long history of Xinhuigan and its profound cultural heritage. Because, for centuries, Xinhui and its products, Xinhui, have been fragrant overseas. Famous. Xinhui orange or the dried tangerine peel used by it is not only a gift used by the Xinhui people to give gifts to relatives and friends, but also a nostalgia and a bond. There is still a rumor that “new citrus peel is more expensive than meat” and “buy citrus sunburn”. During the citrus harvest season, almost every household in Xinhui buys tanned skin, which is used for personal use. Second, it can be used to give gifts to relatives and friends. People are used to soups, porridge, steamed meat, etc., and some new willowskins. This has become a new meeting. The habits of diet and health care also reflect a major feature of the Xinhui culture.

Xinxing Rice Noodles

Emerging rice noodles have a long history in the emerging era. As early as the Tang Dynasty, emerging people used rice as raw material, and used high-quality spring water, which was washed, soaked, refined, dehydrated, pulped, steamed, extruded, and pressed. Rice products produced by a series of processes such as cooling, loosening, cutting, re-steaming, washing, molding, and drying. The rice noodles produced by this traditional process are very particular about the heat and experience. They are characterized by: the fans are smooth and transparent, the appearance is uniform, the strips are arranged in a square shape, and they have a strong rice flavor, which can be boiled, steamed, and can be cooked. Stir-fry, can be fried, flexible and delicious, and "fried and not rotten, boiled without paste", can also be accompanied by different soups or other condiments, to bring out food suitable for everyone's different tastes, all kinds of food, no entry, flexible It is soft and smooth, with a mouthful of fragrance and a feeling of endless aftertaste. It is the best of rice flour products.

Tuodong yuba

The appearance of the yuba is bright and lustrous, and it is light yellow; the taste is pure, sweet and fragrant, no smell, good toughness, chewy, non-sticky after water swelling, especially in the same kind of products. The protein content is as high as 48.8%, the fat content is 25.1%, and cholesterol and saturated fat are very low. It also contains trace elements such as sugar, iron, calcium, phosphorus, and thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin. Because it contains phytonutrients, it is called "the most vegetarian".

Mai Xi grass carp

Maixi's "colour" is very unique. When it is out of the water, the silver scales are shining and the whole body is white. Only the water of Maixitang will make such a beautiful image. Qingmai Maixi and steamed Maixi are also good. In the autumn and winter, you can also dry the wheat stream into a “maixi dry”.

Mai Xi carp

Dawan Maixiyu, a special product of Guxi Village, Dawan Town, Gaoyao City, Guangdong Province, China's geographical indication products. Maixiyu is the place where Guxi Village has Maitang and Baixi Qiantang (collectively known as Maixitang), which is named after Maixi. Due to the unique growth environment, Maixi Shantou has a small mouth, a high shoulder and a long waist, and has a round belly and fat taste.

Gambiered Guangzhou gauze

Xiangyun yarn is a silky fabric with light texture and smooth texture. It is oily and bright, and it is light and cool. It is the ideal material for the summer of the rich and noble people. It uses a kind of plant-specific yam liquid of Guangdong Province to coat the mulberry silk fabric, and then uses the river mud mud near the Foshan to cover the sun. Because the tannin juice containing tannins interacts with the iron ore specific to the local river pond mud, it turns into a blue-black tannic acid iron, which makes the silk fiber wrapped with a layer of potato chips, so the river pond The mud-covered silk surface is blue-black, and the silk bottom is brown-red. It becomes a more silky and silky fabric that wears more oily and brighter.

Gaozhou longan meat

Gaozhou has a long history of processing longan meat. It has a tradition of processing longan meat in the Qing Dynasty. Gaozhou longan meat is mainly produced by drying or drying longan fruits such as corns, sarcophagus and Chuliang. Sexually sweet and sweet, the product is unique, the hand feels dry, the flesh is tough, the color is golden, sweet and crisp, rich in protein, vitamins and soluble sugar. It has been regarded as a nourishing good and nourishing medicine since ancient times. It has appetizing spleen and nourishing blood. The effect of soothe the nerves, brain and brain, and nourish the heart and spleen, has the reputation of "Southern ginseng".

Mashui Orange

Horse water orange, good skin color, thin skin, slag, less nuclear sweet and fragrant, dehydrated water, clearing heat and lungs, deeply loved by Chinese and foreign people, became one of the four famous oranges in Guangdong, famous Hong Kong and Macao market.

Conghua Litchi honey

Conghua lychee honey, specialties from Conghua District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province. Litchi honey, with lychee as the main source of honey, is light amber, with a rich lychee flower scent, sweet and sweet, slightly lychee fruit sour. Conghua is the hometown of lychee. The quality of lychee is good, the variety is large, and the yield is large, which lays a good foundation for the production of lychee honey. The two main quality characteristics of lychee honey are reflected in the lychee flowers in the range of protected areas, and the bee species are Chinese honeybees, which also makes the lychee honey scent more sweet and sweet than other producing areas. Higher features.

Hu Dan Daylily

The tiger broccoli is named after the main production in Huyu Village, Fengxian County. It has a high quality and taste. It has thick petals, golden color, rich aroma, fresh and smooth, and the food is fragrant. It is regarded as "the treasure on the table." Huanghuang Town, Haifeng County, is known as the national A-level green food. It is favored by consumers for its unique quality and superior taste, and it is in short supply.

Silun steamer

Polypropylene steamer, which is made from the local unique Luozhu as the main raw material, has been processed by hand. It has the characteristics of natural, green and environmental protection. It uses steamed food in the “steamed steamer” to preserve the original taste of the food. It accumulates distilled water, is not easy to change, and is resistant to heat preservation. It also makes the food leave a unique fragrance of Luozhu, which is favored by consumers at home and abroad.

Nanao Oysters

South Australian oysters refer to oysters produced in Nan'ao County, Guangdong Province. Nan'ao County is the only island county in Guangdong Province. It belongs to the subtropical marine monsoon climate. It has a vast sea area and abundant marine life. The development of Pacific oyster breeding industry has unique advantages, and the production of oysters is high and the meat is plump.