jiangxi food

Stir fried bacon with Artemisia

Artemisia sinensis fried bacon is a famous specialty dish in Jiangxi. It is one of the top ten leeks. Its main ingredient is Artemisia argyi, which is produced along the coast of Poyang Lake. Artemisia selengensis itself is the common water grass of Poyang Lake. This dish was first invented by fishermen living in the lake of Poyang. Because of its special water and grass fragrance after cooking, it was slowly introduced into the dining table of Nanchang people. The salty and soft bacon is more and more fragrant with the unique aroma of the sage. Artemisia sinensis, such as green ribbon, bright green, bacon gold red and white, yellow and green, the appetite is increasing. In 2008, the fried braised bacon was selected as the "Olympic Menu".

Yugan chili fried meat

Yugan chili fried meat is a kind of cuisine, which is a famous dish in Yugan County, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province. It is one of the "Top Ten Leek". The pepper used in the dried chili pepper is the local specialty pepper in Yugan County--the dried maple tree is spicy. Yugan chili fried meat has the characteristics of "spicy mouth is not spicy, thin and fleshy", and it is a kind of food that can be eaten in large and small restaurants in Jiangxi Street.

Jingdezhen stewed chicken

Among the traditional dishes in Jingdezhen, there is a dish called “Clay Pork Chop Chicken”. This dish is full of chicken body, attractive color, fresh and tender chicken, fragrant and fragrant, and food-free.

Lotus blood duck

Lotus blood duck is a kind of Pingxiang cuisine, which is a famous dish in Lianhua County, Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province. "Lotus Blood Duck" is famous in the world, and it is also recommended by the teacher of the last emperor Pu Yi, Zhu Yizhen. "Lotus Blood Duck" became the royal recipe of the late Qing court. During the Lushan meeting, he was praised by Mao Zedong as a special dish. It has the characteristics of “your delicious, fresh and delicious”.

Stir fried meat with Jinggang bamboo shoots

Jinggangshan smoked bamboo shoots and roast meat is a traditional snack in the Jinggangshan area of ​​Jiangxi. The Jinggangshan smoked bamboo shoots are mainly made of bamboo shoots. The cooking practice is mainly based on cooking. The 800-mile Jinggang is a bamboo ocean, and different varieties of bamboo shoots are easy to make bamboo shoots. dry. With its roast meat, the meat is sweet and the bamboo shoots are long.

Fish head of Bighead Carp

Wuhu carp head is a traditional dish of Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, which belongs to the 浔Changyang cuisine. Because of its spicy and slightly sour, fertile and delicious, and rich in nutrients, the main material carp head is the mother lake Huyangyang, which is produced by China's largest freshwater lake and Jiangxi people. It has the strong taste and ranks first among the top ten leeks.

Steamed pork slices with glutinous rice flour

Rice-rice steamed meat is a traditional hospitality dish in Jiangxi, and the rice noodle meat of Xinjian County is quite famous. It is delicious and delicious. Every year, Jiangxi people like to steam a bowl of rice noodles steamed around the summer. According to local people, they don’t eat scorpions.

Fried duck with beer

Beer-burning duck is a very common dish in Nanchang. This dish has the scent of beer. Beer roast duck in rice wine roast duck, rice wine is a major feature of Jiangxi cooking, roasting likes to add some wine, or whole wine boiled, fresh to odor and aroma depends on it, is a very common home cooking seasoning Because rice wine is getting less and less, and there is no beer to buy, so there is a beer duck brewed with beer.

Yonghe Tofu

Yonghe Tofu is a special dish of Yonghe Town, Ji'an County, Jiangxi Province. It is listed as one of the "Top Ten Amaranth" because of its advantages of "fine, thick, smooth, and gluten". During the Southern Song Dynasty, Wen Tianxiang began to fight against the Yuan, and when the troops passed through Yonghe Town, which was separated from his hometown by the water, there was a shortage of grain and low morale. Yonghe people use local tofu soup to comfort the army. After Wen Tianxiang tasted it, he praised it again and again. After eating the tofu soup, the troops were greatly encouraged and continued to invest in the battle of the Yuan Yuan with high morale. After the national hero Wen Tianxiang died for the country, Yonghe people called him the "tofu tofu" in order to commemorate him.

Stewed Chicken with Three Cups Sauce

Three cups of chicken are local traditional dishes in Jiangxi Province, and it is said that it is related to the national hero Wen Tianxiang. Because the soup is not put in the cooking, only a cup of rice wine, a cup of lard, a cup of soy sauce, hence the name. This dish is usually made with ingredients such as Sanhuang chicken. After the dish is cooked, the meat is strong, the salt is sweet, the salty is fresh, the taste is soft, and the chewing feeling is strong. Three cups of chicken originated in Jiangxi Province and later spread to Taiwan Province, becoming a representative dish of Taiwanese cuisine. Among them, Jiangxi Province has the most famous and representative of Ningdu Three Cup Chicken, Nanchang Three Cup Chicken, and Wan Zai Three Cup Chicken.