jiangxi specialty

Chongren spotted chicken

Chongren Maji is one of the highest-bred varieties in local chicken breeds in China. It is famous for its tender meat and rich nutrition. It is a typical representative of Chinese green-legged chicken. Chongren Ma chicken is small in size, lively, agile, and has a strong feeding ability. The hen is divided into two types: jute and black hemp. The feathers are compact, the toes and toes are iron-blue, and the single crown and the meat are bright red. The cock's feathers are brownish red, the tail is green, the chest is muscular, the chest and abdomen feathers are red with black, the meat is deep and thin, and the shape is rhomboid. They are surrounded by the hills, accompanied by green grass; from the ancients, they live in the years.

Hengfeng Pueraria

Her vitality is extremely strong, she has the stubborn ability to grow wildly; she adapts to the barren hills and mountains to resist cold and drought, and does not compete with the grain; she blossoms with scent, vines flourish, and the roots are huge; her body is treasure, with the same name as ginseng, food Her homologous; she has been greatly assisted by human beings in food, medicine, textiles, etc. since ancient times; she is pure and simple, is a real organic raw material, green food; her tenacious, healthy, simple spirit and Hengfeng for thousands of years The people are integrated; she is Hengfeng Ge.

Gao'an Yuba

Gao'an yuba began in the Tang Dynasty and has a history of more than a thousand years. Gao'an yuba is made from local high-quality soybeans and is subject to specific water and natural environment conditions. Food, mainly produced along the Gaoan Jinhe River, is named after the city of origin.

Xingguo Grey Goose

Xingguo Grey Goose is a specialty of Xingguo County in Cangzhou City. The Xingguo Goose can be traced back to the Jin Dynasty in the 3rd to 4th centuries of the park and has a long history. Therefore, Xingguo is known as the "hometown of gray goose". Xingguo Grey Goose has high nutrition, good quality and fast growth. It has a long-standing reputation in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and Southeast Asia.

Junshan Lake Hairy Crab

Jinshan Lake, Qinglan Lake and Chenjia Lake in Jinxian County are far away from the industrial area. The water in the lake is like green water, the water quality is excellent, there is no pollution, and the food is rich in food. The crabs produced by the “people-in-the-fish” farming mode are produced. It has the characteristics of Qingbei white belly, golden claw yellow hair, large individual, pure variety, delicious meat and rich nutrition, and has formed five characteristics such as “big, fat, glutinous, fresh and sweet” and “green, 靓, late”. "The three comparative advantages are the treasures and top grades in the hairy crabs.

Shangzhou Fructus Aurantii

Shangzhou clam shell is a characteristic Chinese medicinal material variety in Xingan County, Jiangxi Province. It is also native to Sanhu Town (the ancient city Shangzhou) of the county, also known as the “Three Lakes Clam Shell”. Due to the special geographical and climatic conditions of Shangzhou, the products have the characteristics of “fruit thick, valgus such as raspberry, and more scallops”. The active ingredients of medicinal value include volatile oil and total flavonoids (orange) Pipi, naringin and organic bases (sinverin, N-methylamine) are superior to other varieties. Shangzhou Shell is well sold in China and has a good reputation in the international market.

Yiyang Rice Cake

Fuyang rice cake, also known as Xiangyang Dahe rice bran, is produced in the famous Han nationality in Shuyang County, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province. It is made of Fuyang Dahegu rice and is made of the unique technology of “three steamed two hundred hammers”. It has white, cream, transparent jade, oily, soft, smooth and non-sticky. It is known at home and abroad and is known as the "Rose of Rice Cake". During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, only the rich and wealthy people could enjoy the Xiangyang rice cake made by Liyang Rice, and began to become a tribute.

Xunwu black tangerine

Since the 1990s, Xunwu County has vigorously developed the fruit industry with the main products of tangerine and navel orange, and has become a famous fruit industry county. The unique climate and soil conditions have created the unique quality of fruit in Xunwu County, such as large fruit shape, yellow-yellow color, thick skin, delicate oil, tender and tender meat, sweet and sour taste, juicy and rich, and non-nucleated slag. Renowned at home and abroad, the county has been awarded the title of “Hometown of Chinese Tangerine”, “Hometown of Chinese Navel Orange” and “National Green Food Raw Material Standardization Production Base”.