liaoning specialty

Anshan Nanguo Pear

The aura of Qianshan, the essence of all things, condenses thousands of people, and gave birth to the fruit of Anshan Nanguo Pear. Its color is bright, the flesh is delicate, the juice is pure and the fragrance is rich, and it is well-known in the north and south. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the streets and alleys of Anshan are all in the fragrance of pears. “The moon, the pears and the wines have become a fashion. The cultural connotation of the reunion and the harvest is derived. The two sides of the Liaohe River are widely inherited. Spread to the five lakes and four seas, it becomes a spiritual sustenance for the wanderers to ease their homesickness.

Jinzhou Daoguang Tribute Liquor

Jinzhou Daoguang Wugong Liquor is a liquor made by the ancient Manchu winemaking techniques. The chiseled pine is a scorpion, and the glory of the sun and the moon; the grass of the gods is the song, brewing the grain of the grain. The soul of Baishan Blackwater Wood Stone worship, following the craftsmanship of the Millennium Manchu winemaking, brews the most amazing and mellow water essence on the land of China. When people uncover the dusty wooden wines, the rich Chen Xiang will be rolled from the depths of the wine sea, and will be intoxicated in the mellow and sweet lingering of Jinzhou Daoguang Wugong wine. .

Panjin Rice

Panjin is located on the coast of the Bohai Sea, and the Liaohe River is in the sea. Here is the alluvial plain of the sea. The soil is alkaline and rich in trace elements needed by the human body. Due to its location in the middle and high latitudes, the temperature difference between day and night is large and the frost-free period is long. It is especially suitable for japonica rice. The growth, special geographical location and superior ecological environment make Panjin Rice famous for its excellent quality.

Dalian sea cucumber

Dalian Sea Cucumber (formerly known as Liaoshen), a sea thorn ginseng produced in the coastal area of ​​Dalian, also known as "sea rat" and "sea cucumber", is a valuable marine animal that has survived on the earth for 600 million years. According to the "Compendium of Compendium of Materia Medica", sea cucumber, sweet and salty, tonifying kidney, benefiting the essence, taking urination, aphrodisiac treatment, its temperature is warm, and the enemy is participating, hence the name sea cucumber. The sea cucumber meat is tender and nutritious. It is a typical high-protein, low-fat food. It tastes delicious and tastes elegant. It is a famous and famous dish. It is one of the "Haiwei Bazhen", which is the same as bird's nest, abalone and shark's fin. On the elegant hall, it often plays the role of "pressing the axis" and is regarded as one of the souls of Chinese food.

Dalian Abalone

Dalian is the main producing area of ​​Chinese wrinkled abalone. Wrinkle plate abalone, commonly known as "four-hole abalone" and "abalone", is a high-quality variety in Baoke and has the reputation of "the crown of seafood". Its meat is tender and nutritious, and it has been one of the "Bai Zhen Ba Zhen" since ancient times. In the early years of the Europeans, abalone was also used as a fresh and edible food, and it was hailed as "soft gold on the table."

Xiuyan jade

The world's treasures are the first, and the jade is the best. Xiuyan jade is an important member of the Chinese jade family. It is known as the "Glory of Ancient Jade, the Treasure of the Year". Xiuyan Yushan raw water reservoir, the texture is tough, delicate and moist, bright and colorful. It has the characteristics of large block size, beautiful color, high brightness, pure purity, good density and hardness. It has been an ideal jade carving material since ancient times.