shanxi specialty

Pucheng Pear

Pucheng Pear is mainly produced in Pucheng County, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province. The unique geographical environment makes Pucheng Crisp pears refreshing, taste and nutrition are better than similar products. Pucheng is also known as “the hometown of Chinese pears”, and is recognized as the best ecological region of the world's best pears by experts at home and abroad. .

TaiBai Liquor

Shaanxi “Taibai Brand” Taibai Liquor is the only authentic Taibai liquor registered in China and also a famous Chinese premium wine. It is brewed by traditional techniques, using high-quality sorghum as raw material, and the above-mentioned barley and peas are made into koji. The main peak of Taibai Mountain (3666 meters above sea level) is used for aging of snow, and the soil is fermented at low temperature. , mud sealed pool, steam distillation, steamed to the end, graded into the warehouse, carefully blended, crafted. The wine is 65° and it is a fragrant liquor. The wine quality is “three without one clear”, that is, no suspension, no impurities, no precipitation, clear and transparent. It is sweet and mellow, sweet and gentle, harmonious and elegant, with a long aftertaste and unique flavor. It is famous in the world.