suzhoushi1 snacks

Suzhou (Shā) soup

Soup, the emperor is unforgettable, you must drink a bowl of that soup ~ Suzhou breakfast standard! It is made with the nourishing hen soup, the wheat kernels of the year, and the beef and mutton without the meat. There are 24 kinds of ingredients, which are in order. The soup tastes fresh and salty, and the soup tastes heavy. The soup is light and suitable, gently stirred with chopsticks, thin, flexible, like the mother's cotton ear, contained in the tip of the tongue, still meaty, into the bottom of the heart, still meaty. All kinds of flavors are so fragrant and long, so they are so resistant to taste and taste. A bowl of belly, Lawton hunger and thirst, the spirit is great.

Roast chicken,fuliji style

Fuli Jiji Chicken is a famous traditional dish in Baqiao District, Suzhou City, Anhui Province. It is named after the origin of Fuli Town. China's geographical indication products are also Chinese historical foods, and Texas chicken, Henan Daokou Roast Chicken, Jinzhou Gully smoked chicken and called "China's four famous chickens." The authentic character of the chicken is delicious, the aroma is fragrant, the meat is white and tender, the fat is not greasy, the meat is rotten and boneless, and the bones are chewy and have a fragrance.